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Alex´Kennel - News -2008
- Papillon&Phalene Club Netherlands "Alex´First Choice"  Best in Show for the second year on the Club Match. Judge: C.P. Zwaartman
  Another great win for Morris
- Toydog Of The Year Show: "Alex First Choice", BIG-5...
Congratualation to Carine Rutten
  - Thank you,  Alexa, for the lovely photo of Felizia, "Alex´ Hooked On A Feeling".
- Alex´Kennel are expecting puppies!
  Sir: La Rocca´s Sunshine
  Dame: Menine´s I´ve Got The Power (Anja).
- The puppies will be borne in the beginning of March...
- Internationel Show in Eindhowen, judge Mrs.Dumojovek(TZ)
"Alex´ He´s Jack Sparrow", Best male puppy with very promising critic.
  - "Alex´First Choice", CAC,CACIB and BOB
   Congratulation to Carine Rutten ,Up And Down´s kennel
- Morris son, "Never Ending Story" Forussi (Limahl)
Got his first Adult CAC,CACIB BOB at an International Show in Rzeszow, Polen. 
    Congratulation to kennel Forussi
- The Alex´Kennel- logo, has been upgraded with some sparkeling stars, do to some wishes!
- "Freddy", has got a new image, inside the Exports page. Owners wish...
- Good news from Iceland. Papillonshow, judge Kitty Sjong
"Alex´Freddy Fender", got Exellent and Champion quality.
   4 best male. Congratulation to his owners and good luck in the future!
- Dortmund, Judge: Mrs.Billard
-"Alex´First Choice", ClubCAC BOB
- Klimpen has been examined today - PL Free and - Pra Free,
   and also
- Eliza - Pra Free
- International show in Hoogstraten, Belgium.
Judge,Breedspecialist: Mrs.De Wilde
-"Alex´He´s jack Sparrow" :Puppyclass, Very promising puppy
- PREMIER, the NEW Alex´Kennel page is up and running!!!
We also want to wish our "old" and new visiters "A happy new year"!!! Welcome...

- Alex´He´s Jack Sparrow, First in Juniorclass
- Mia has been examined: - PL = Free  - PRA =  Free
- Due to minor problems with the Flash movie, in the Photos-page, it´s now a selectiv photo-album ones again
- International Show in Leiden. Judge; Mr. Nethercoth, UK.
   "Alex´First Choice", CAC, CACIB
   "Alex´He´s Jack Sparrow", 2nd place in Youth class
- On the 2nd of March, Anja ("Menine´s I´ve Got The Power"), gave birth to three  puppies!!!    Sir: La Rocca´s Sunshine
  2 bitches; "Alex` Join The Joyride" and "Alex´Joyful Jo-Jo"
  1 male; " Alex´ Johnny B Good"
"Alex´Join The Joyride"
"Alex´Joyful Jo-Jo"
"Alex´Johnny B Good"
- New picture of Mia at the Bitch-page
- International Show in Katowice, Poland. Judge; Hans Boolears.
   Morris son, "Never Ending Story" (Limahl), Forussi, got CAC, CACIB and BOB.  Nominated to Crufts 2009!
Thanks Kasia for the fantastic news.
  - International Show in Goes. Judge; Mrs. M. De Wilde, Belgium
   "Alex´First Choice", CAC, CACIB and BOB
   "Alex´He´s Jack Sparrow",  1st place in Youth class, Dutch Youth Champ!!!
Congratualation Carine, to the great results...
  - International Show in Leeuwarden. Judge; Mr. Van de Weijer, NL.
   "Alex´First Choice", CAC, CACIB
   "Alex´He´s Jack Sparrow" 1st place in Youth class res. Best Male
- Two of Anja´s puppies are now for sale! Go to the Puppy page for more information!!!
- The 28th of March we got two puppies after
Multichampion Antony and La Rocca´s Last Rose Of Summer.
"Alex´Know How To Kick Up And Down", Male
" Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down", Bitch
Alex`Johnny B Good
Alex´Joyful Jo-Jo
Alex´Join The Joyride
- New pictures of Anja´s puppies ( 6 weeks old) !!!
- One of Anja´s puppies, "Alex`Joyful JO-JO", has been sold!
- Klimpen "Alex`Gingery George" has started newbees agility training!
- New page, Agility!
- "Alex´Front Page", Millie, came to visit her brother Snake, "Alex Flashlight"
- Finally here are pictures of Rosie´s puppies,  Toby and Backy!
- National show in Bydgoszoz
"Alex´Day Dream" (Ditte), Exellent, CAC, BOS
- International show in Lodz
"Alex´Day Dream" (Ditte), Exellent ,CAC,Cacib,BOS. Junior PL CH and PL CH.
"Never Ending Story" Forussi (Limahl, son of Morris), BOB  and BIG-2
   Congratulation Kasia and Bogdan for these fine results!
- New pictures of Rosie´s puppies, Toby and Backy, 6 weeks.
- Congratulation to Ulla, at Roxinas Kennel" for her "Mimmi" WorlChampion  titel.
- And also Congratulations to Harriet at kennel Pearl Collection,  breader of "Mimmi".
- 24/7: "Miss Butterfly´s Elisabeth Arden" (Scorpan), gave birth to two wonderful Bitches!
"Alex´First Choice"
"Alex ´He´s Jack Sparrow"
--- Newsflash ---

- 13/4 Championclubshow, Papillonclub UK:
"Alex´First Choice" 3rd in open class. The shows best fringes.

- 19/4: International show in Lingen, Germany. Judge- Mrs Billard
"Alex First Choice" VDHCAC ClubCAC, Cacib, BOB

- 1/5: Papillonclub Show in Degeberga, Sweden: Judge- Mikael Nilsson
"Alex´Cornelia" Best Bitch - 2nd

- 3/5: Europasiegershow 2008, in Dortmund, Germany. Judge- Mr. Machetanz
"Alex´First Choice" Cacib, Europasieger 2008, BOB
Congratulations and thanks to Carine, for her succeés with Morris.
- 4/5: Unna, Germany
"Alex´He´s Jack Sparrow":Best Junior male, Junior CAC.
- 8/5: 'Championat de France', France. Judge- Mr. Hermel, President of the French Papillon and Phalene club.
For the 2nd year in a row, "Alex`First Choice", BOB supercritic.
Congratulations Carine!
- 22/6: Bryssel, Belgium.  Judge- Mr. Machenta
"Alex First Choice", CERT, Cacib, Belgium winner 2008, BOB
BIG-2 Group-judge- Mr Pickard
"Alex´First Choice"
International show in Mechelen;Belgium. Judge Mrs.Van Brempt.
At her very first show,  "Alex´Hooked On A Feeling" (Felizia) She did great.
She got exellent in Intermediate,with very nice comments from the judge,
and got res.CAC and res. CACIB
Felizia is now living with Carine Rutten at Up And Down´s Kennel in Holland
- Unofficial show in Simrishamn, Sweden. Judge: Lotta Bergström
  "Alex´Johnny B Good"  BIR and BIS-res.
"Alex´Join The Joyride" (Ida) 1:st best Bitch  (Congratulation Elin)
  "Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down" (Backy)  2:nd best Bitch
"Alex´Join The Joyride"
"Alex´ Johnny B Good"
-European Winner Show,  Budapest, Hungery. Judge; Mr. Ellis Humle
"Alex´First Choice"  European Winner 2008
- International Show Maastricht Judge Mrs Silvertand 28 September
"Alex'First Choice" CAC CACIB and BOB and BIG-3 and
   AGAIN Qualified for the DOG OF THE YEAR SHOW!
"Alex'Hooked On A Feeling"  1 Excellent YouthClass and CAC and Best Bitch
"Alex'Icaros"  1 Excellent Youth Class and res CAC!! On his first SHOW!!!
- SHOW in Veberöd, Sweden.  Judge; Eva Borg
"Roxina´s Marie Antoinette" ( Mia)  BOB
"Roxina´s Marie Antoinette"
- ChampionclubShow, Judge; Mr Prins
"Alex'Hooked On A Feeling"  2 Excellent Youth Class

- International Show Zwolle, Netherlands.  Judge; Mr Jungblut
"Alex 'Hooked On A Feeling"  2 excellent Youth Class and res CAC
"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down"
- Bundessieger Show, Papillon; "Alex´Hooked On A Feeling", got res. Youth CAC
- Bundesjugendsieger 2008, Judge: Mrs C Delmar ( Ireland)
  Phalene; "Alex´Icaros", Youth CAC and BOB!
- International Show in Utrecht (Netherlands), Judge: Mrs De Vries Hoogland (Netherlands)
"Alex´First Choice", CAC, CACIB , BOB and BIG-5 (Judge: Mrs Van Brempt, Belgium)
"Alex´Hooked On A Feeling", Youth CAC, CAC and BOS! (Sire: Alex´First Choice)
"Alex´Icaros", Youth CAC, CAC and BOB!! (Sire: Alex´First Choice)
A Superday with Super results!!!  Thanks Carine!
- Bitch no 2
- Bitch no 1
- Male no 1
Dame: Alex´Eliza
(owner; Alex´Kennel - Swe)
- Puppies born after
Sir; "Powdermill Sweet Touch Spinillons" and Dame; "Alex´Eliza"
2 males and 2 bitches
- Male no 2
Sire: Powdermill Sweet  Touch Spinillons
(owner; Jo Davidsson-Poston - UK) 
11/22 - More puppies! This time after "Alex´Cornelia" and "Magic Dream"
1 Bitch and 1 Male
Sire: Magic Dream
(owner: Wispering Valley)
Dame: Alex´Cornelia
(owner: Alex´Kennel)
- New pictures of "Alex´Eliza" and "Powdermill Sweet Touch Spinillons" puppies...
Male no 1
Male no 2
Bitch no 1
Bitch no 2
- New pictures of  "Alex´Cornelia" och "Wispering Valley´s Magic Dream" puppies...
- 2008 has been, so fare, a great succe´s for "Alex´First Choice"
He´s now also 
Yet another great titel to his resume´!!!
- Alex´Kennel would like to  say thanks to all Guestbook visitors, and for all the mail we got during 2008. Finally we want to wish all, old and new "visitors" a happy ending of 2008,
and a 
Happy New Year 2009 !!!