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--- 11 th July...

--- Show in Vänersborg (Sweden)
Judge: Carina Andersson Rapp.
"Calypso Vom Salamandertal",  was best junior and second best male with CAC . 
"Alex' Masterpiece", was 4th best male.
"Alex' Obsession",  was 3rd best female.
Congrats to the other winners.
Especially "Wispering Valley",  who took both
Best bitch and best male and bob puppy.
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--- Today at the International show in Roskilde (Denmark)
"Alex' Masterpiece",  was Best Veteran and BOB, and got an Crufts qualification.
BOS was the nice bitch "Perle",  owned by kennel Toymakers.
                                  Big thanks to our judge J.R. Walsh Ir
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--- Show 19/3 --- Malmö International (Sweden). Judge: Carina Andersson Rapp
"Alex Masterpiece", veteran class 2a with excellent. Best male 2nd
"Alex Obsession", open class 1 ck. Best bitch 2nd with reserve
and the reserve CACIB.
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--- 2017-02-28 --- "
Nouveau membre de la famille Papillon"...
2017-01-08 - Updates directly from Facebook ...

--- My Dog - 5-7 January 2017 - Day 1, Judge; Åke Cronander

"Alex's Up For Some Fun" BIMvalp (owner Maria Larsson)
"Alex 'Touchdown', 1 junior male with ck.
"Alex 'James Bond', open class 3a
"Ellyas De La Montez" chklass 3a CK
"Alex'Masterpiece," veteran class 3a CK.
"Alex 'Obsession' open class 1st with CK.
Best female with CAC and CACIB. BOS
HP on the breeder and a second position.
               Thanks for the help all friends.

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2016-01-04 - WE Wish all old and new visitors A Happy New Year...
"Alex 'Touchdown', was best junior male with Cruftskvalifisering, day 2 at My Dog.
"Alex 'Masterpiece', was 3rd Best Male.
"Alex 'Obsession', Open Class exellent ck, unplaced
Photographer: Ida Weiefors
--- My Dog - 5-7 January 2017 - Day 2

Birvalp 'Alex' U Raise Me Up ", owner Irene Hazel Branch
Bimvalp "Alex's Up For Some Fun" owner Maria Larsson
                Photographer: Ida Weiefors
Dad is; "Ellyas De La Montez"
Mother is; "Alex 'Zhade Of Pale"
               Congratulations to breeders and owners
"Alex'Obsession", best bitch and got CC, cacib. BOS
"Alex Up For Some Fun" was BOS puppy both days in Gothenburg, exhibition Lotta Alexanderson,
Many thanks for Your help!!!
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--- 2017-01-28 ---
Papillon&Phalene special in Denmark...

Show 1

"Alex's Masterpiece",  was BIS veteran and finally Best In Show.
Judge: Manja Bruse, Germany
"Blicci's Love Is In The Air", BIS 2nd

Show 2

"Alex 'Masterpiece", Best Veteran and Best male 2nd
"Alex 'Touchdown",  junior 2a.
"Alex 'Obsession", open class 1, Best female 4th

"Alex' Masterpiece", BIS veteran och  Best In Show.
Domare: Manja Bruse, Tyskland, "Blicci's Love Is In The Air", BIS 2a
Read and see more here >>>
--- "Alex' Obsession",  was BB 2 with CAC today at the International show in Roskilde.
Judge: J.R.Walsh Ir
--- 20th May...

--- International show in Hässleholm.
"Alex' Masterpiece", best veteran, best male and BOS.
"Alex' Obsession", openclass 1, best bitch with cac and cacib. BOB and are now Swedish and Danish champion.
"Calypso Wom Salamandetal", best junior and best male 3 with reserv cac.

Even more fun that Tigerbrand "Moder Svea", was Best bitch 2 with res cac and her mother "Alex ' Juliette Binoche" was best bitch 4.
       Thanks to our Judge: P.K Andersen (Norway)
Also special thanks to Anna Petterson for showing "Terry".
And help and support from all of you round the ring.
                                       A very good day for Alexkennel.
--- 21st May...

What day it was at the Papillon Ring Exhibition in Hässleholm (Sweden)
"Calypso vom Salamandertal", became the best junior, BM 4th and got his first cert.
"Ellyas de la Montez", won the Champion class, became Best Male and BIM
"Alex Take on Me", 2nd place, in junior class with excellent and great critique
Little Ansa, "Alex 'Xtravagansa"was BISvalp today at Papillonspecialen
in Hässleholm
    Judge: Maria Lönnhammar

Best male puppy at Papillons specialist in Hässleholm,
in  4-6 month, became "Alex" Zodiac "
Father is "Alex" Orion "
Mother is "Alex" Hatti Fnatti "
Photo: Michael Kuisma...
--- 3rd June...

--- Day 1 Int. The exhibition in Norrköping, 39 males and 39 bitches !!!
Judge: Tino Pehar
Our import "Calypso Vom Salamandertal", the best deal with cert, after he first became 3a in juniorclass with ck and then in best hands, he was shown by one of the best, Britt-Marie Hansson and the referee made a change and put him one way In junior males, when he proved so much better.
Yes any day, get your second certificate only 10 months old.
Thank you very much Britt Marie, you are the best.
--- 4th June...

--- Day 2 in Norrköping int.
"Calypso Wom Salamandetal", Best Junior.
"Alex 'James Bond" open class 1a, Best male 4a with cert
"Alex 'Masterpiece", 1a in veteran, BIM V
"Alex'Obsession", exellent dissolution.
"Alex" You Raise Me Up ", 1a in juniortik.bim.
Owner: Irene Hasselgren.
                         Thank you all who helped today. Congratulations to all winners.
--- 5th June...

- Day 3 in Norrköping...
Judge: Asta Maria Gudbergsdottir, (Iceland)
"Calypso Vom Salamandertal" became Best Male 2a with CC and BIMjunior,
Shown by Britt-Marie Hansson.
Birjunior became "Alex 'U Raise Me Up", and she also became 2nd best bitch.
"Alex" Up For Some Fun ", junior 2a cc.opl
                             Thank you for your help. See you again soon.
Photo: Ida Weiefors
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--- 8th July...

Tvååker show day 2...

"Alex' Masterpice",  BOB, Best Veteran...
"Alex' Zodiac",  puppyclass 2 hp.
"Calypso Wom Salamandetal",  1a juniorclass, 2a best male with CAC.
"Alex' James Bond",  openclass 1a
"Alex' Obsession",  chclass 4.
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heals",  chclass 1 best bitch 2.
"Alex' Kennel",  best breedersgroup.

Thanks to all who helped me, especially Malin Malmkvist, Anne Weiefors and
    Maria Larsson, Margareta Lundberg
                                       Congrats to Christina Magnussons BOS.
--- 2nd July...

Show in Borås 2/7...Day 2

"Alex' Masterpiece on the move in veteranclass, BOB veteran...
Judge: Manja Bruse.

         photo Michael Kuisma.
--- 7th July...

Tvååker international show day 1...

"Calypso Wom Salamandetal",  best male3 with CAC.
"Alex' Masterpiece",  Best Veteran, BOB.
"Alex' Kennel",  best breedersgroup.
Congrats to Anne Weiefors to BOS.
       Photo: Ida Weiefors
--- 1st July...

Show in Borås 1/7...Day 1

"Alex' U Raise Me Up",  BIS junior,  Owner: Irene  Hasselgren
"Calypso Vom Salamandertal",  best junior male, best male 3 with CAC.
Owned by  Alex' Kennel and Mariposas Kennel.

Alex' kennel breedersgroup 2 hp in Borås (Sweden) 1/7
2017- 08 - 10 - Uppdate from Facebook...

--- Gotland International Show... (Sweden)

   Gotland 6 aug 2017

- "Baccara Vom Schwabenhof",  got her last certificat today , at Gotland Int show,
and are now Swedish champion.
          Big thanks to Linda Erikson and Jimmy Olsson...
2017- 08 - 13 - Uppdate from Facebook...

---International Show in Ronneby... (Sweden)

   Ronneby 12th Aug...

- "I had to stay at home today from the International dogshow in Ronneby, as I am not feeling well... But...

--- Maria Larsson showed...
"Alex' Xtravagansa",  and was BOB puppy.
"Alex' James Bond",  3a best male with cacib (will be confirmed), showed and cared by Maria Jämtenstål....
--- Yvonne Weber showed...
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heals", and was best bitch with CACIB and BOB,and are now International Champion. Need to be confirmed.
"Alex' Juliette Binoche", 2a best bitch with CAC. Owned and loved by Malin Malmkvist.
"Alex' Zabina", was 2a best puppy, Owned by Lena Oredsson...
"Alex' Yasmine", was 3a best puppy, Owned by Claes Svensson...

                                              Very happy for these results...
2017- 08 - 20 - Uppdate from Facebook...

--- 20/8 2017 --- International show in Bornholm, (Denmark)...
    Day 2...

- "Alex' Masterpiece", best veteran and Bästa Hane 3a.
--- 19/8 2017 --- International show in Bornholm, (Denmark)...
    Day 1...

- "Alex' Masterpiece", best male, best veteran and BOS.
- "Baccara Vom Schwabenhof",  open class 2 with ck, Best bitch 2 with res cac.
                                Big thanks to Julia Lindstrii for showing them.
2017- 09 - 10 - Uppdate from Facebook...

--- 10/9 2017 --- Show in Tågarp...

- "Alex'Xanadu", became BIRvalp
- "Alex'Xtravagansa",  2a bitch puppy
- "Alex'Zodiac", BIMvalp
- "Alex'James Bond",  became 2nd best male with CC and Swedish Exhibition champion.
- "Ellyas De La Montez" best male, BIM

                                 Thank you girls because you showed my dogs
--- 9/9  2017 --- Show in Eslöv...

- "Alex'Xtravagansa", Birvalp
- "Alex'Zodiac", Bimvalp
- "Alex'Xanadu", 2a best bitch puppy
- "Kings And Queenies Head Over Heals", 1ck Ch Class, bb 2a

               Thanks for the help Maria Larsson Linda Erikson and Maria Jämtenstål
2017- 12 - 10 - Update from Facebook...

--- 10/12 2017 --- Alex´Kennel...

- "Alex 'Una" has got her puppies...
Dad is "Alex 'Orion"...
   Two Males..
--- Two proud "parents" ---