2016- 08- 14 - 2016 - 12 /8 - 14/8 - Papillon & Phalene Int. Show Bornholm-Denmark
- SEuch "Ellyas De La Montez", Exellent ck BH 1 cert, BIM DKCH
- Alex' Obsession exellent ck BT2 m cert.
-  Alex'Most Wanted was BOS with CAC
   Totalt:  5 CAC, 2 CACIB, 1 BOS, 2 BOB.

Thank you all friends, both Danish and Swedish; For support and good company, both in and outside the ring and pleasant evenings.
No one mentioned and no one forgotten.
2016- 05-16 --- Papillonspecial,  Degeberga (Sweden), 15th May 2016 ---
             Judge: Christine Hellström, Denmark

- Alex' Touchdown, BOB puppy 4-6m HP BIS 2
- Alex' Tango For Two, BOS puppy 4-6 m HP
- Alex' Orion, Juniorclass 1 HP, BISJ 2, Best Male 3
- Alex'Kalif, Youthclasss 1HP BIS2 youthclass (owner Haremets kennel)
- Ellyas De La Montez, Openclass 1 HP, Best Male 1 BOB, BIS
    (Coowned with Mariposas kennel)
- Alex' Excalibur, Championclass 2 HP, Best Male 4
- Alex' Nefertite, Juniorclass 2 HP
- Alex' Obsession, Youthclass 1 HP, BIS youngster, Best Bitch 3
- Baccara Wom Schwabenhof, Openclass 3
- "Alex'Kennel", Breedersgroup 2 HP
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2016-01-04 - WE Wish all old and new visitors A Happy New Year...
2016-01-13 - Alex´Hatti Fnatti´s puppies... For Sale >>>
2016- 01- 25 - One of Hatti´s puppies - Alex´Quila... Sale page >>>
- One of Una´s puppies - Alex´Royal Rasputin... Sale page >>>
2016- 01- 31 - News directly from Facebook...

"Alex' Orion" (Killen), took his first junior cac in Denmark yesterday for the German Judge: Jens Bruse.
Father is "Bliccis Join The Team"
Mother is "Alex'Zhade Of Pale"
Thanks to the papillon and phalene club for the show and lots of good food.
2016- 05-12 --- Internationell show in Malmö, (Sweden), 19th of March ---
                           Judge: Claudia Hollweg, Germany

- Best male 2 Alex' Orion with Reserv CAC
- Best male 3 Alex' James Bond with Reserv cacib
- Best Bitch 1 Alex' Nefertite with CAC and BOS
- Alex' Kennel Best Breedersgroup
Thanks to all for a very nice day.
"Alex'Touchdown" and "Alex'Tango For Two",  BOB och BOS puppy
"Alex'Obsession",  Youthclass 1
"Ellyas De  La Montez", Best in show
"Alex'Orion",  Juniorclass Bm 3
2016- 05-21 --- 2016-05-21 - International show in Hässleholm, (Sweden) ---
            Judge: Dan Ericsson (Sweden)

- "Alex Orion", Intermediet class exellent 1.
- "Ellyas De La Montez",  openclass exellent 3 ck.
- "Alex' Nefertite",  intermediet class exellent 1ck
- "Alex' Obsession",  exellent 3
- "Baccara Vom Schwabenhof",  Openclass 1ck,CAC,Cacib BOS.
- "Alex' Most Wanted",  owner: Maria Larsson, intermediet class exellent 4
- "Alex' Kalif", owner: Viola Yaglikcilararr, exellent 4ck.
- "Alex Irma", owner: Helena Pedersenenn, openclass exellent
- "Alex'kennel Best Breedersgroup",  HP
Congrats to all who made the day soo great.
Big thanks Linda Eriksononn for your help showing Poppy to BOS
"Best bredersgroup Alex" HP
"Baccara Vom Schwabenhof", BOS"
Our wonderful Ellyas De La Montez can now call himself
    Swedish and Danish Champion
Ellyas De La Montez chclass1 Best male with Caci and BOB
2016- 08- 28 - 2016 - Five short uppdates true Papillonringen.com,
  between July and August...

--- SKK     2016-08-13     Nat     Ronneby Domare: Åsa Andersson

BH-4: Alex Kalif                          I.  Yaglikcilar              ö
BT-1:  Alex Most Wanted               M.  Larsson u             Cert BIM
BT-4:  Alex Irma                          H . Pedersen             ö

--- SKK     2016-08-07     Int     Visby Domare: Bengt-Åke Bogren

BH-2: Ellyas de la Montez            L.  Alexandersson ö Cert Cacib SEUCH
BT-4:   Alex Obsession                   L . Alexandersson u
Tikar: Alex Quila                         M . Larsson                         HP BIR-valp

--- SKK     2016-08-06     Nat     Visby Domare: Ann-Christine Johansson

Tikar: Alex Quila                         M.  Larsson                        HP BIM-valp

--- SKK     2016-07-08     Int     Tvååker Domare: Benny Blidh vom Schedvin

BH-2:             Ellyas de la Montez L.  Alexandersson ö Cert Cacib

--- SKK     2016-07-03     Nat     Borås Domare: Karin Linde Klerholm

BT-4:              Alex Nefertite             L.  Alexandersson              u
Tikar: Alex Qristina                            ?                          BIR-valp
2016- 09- 05 - 2016 - Update directly from Facebook ...

--- Öland - 2016-09 - 04 --- Judge Karl-Erik Johansson

- "Alex' Kaliff "(Kliff) Today BH 3. CC and BOB at Öland (Sweden)
He also became Swedish champion
The father of Kliff is "Ellyas De La Montez".
Owner: Inger Viola Yaglikcilar.
2016 - 10 - 31 - Updates from Brazil... 11th and 12th of September 2016...

--- "Alex' Nefertite" did well in Brazil, with her new owner: Ana Cecilia Rocha.
She is now:
- Brazilian Champion
- Uruguayan Champion
- Uruguayan Grand Champion
- Intercontinental Champion

--- "Alex' Midnight Bossa Nova" (Bella), is now Brazilian CXhampion
owner: Ana Cecilia Rocha.