2015-09-13 --- 12 September 2015, Tågarp, (Sweden)...

- A fantastic day for
Alex'kennel, today at the show in Tågarp.
All dogs was placed in their classes.

"Alex'Obsession",  puppyclass male1, BIS 2
"Alex'Obsession",  femalepuppy1, BOS
"Hermes Vom Schwabenhof",  juniorclass 2 vg.
"Alex'Kalif",  Juniorclass 1ck. reserv cac.
"Alex'James Bond",  youthclass 2ck.
"Ellyas de la Montez",  openclass 2ck.
"Alex'Excalibur",  Championclass 1 , BestMale 1, BOB, BIS 4
"Alex'Nefertite",  juniorclass 2ck
"Alex'Most Wanted", juniorclass 1ck, cac
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels", Championclass 1, Best Bitch 1 BOS

          Thanks for all help in the ring and for good company.
                  No one mentioned no one forgotten...
2015-07-08 - 28/6 Borås,  Judge: Pieter Burema
"Alex' Excalibur",  openclass exellent
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels",  openclass 1, exellent cc quality,
Best Bitch 1 ,CAC, BOS, CHAMPION (photos)
"Hermes Vom Schwabenhof",  puppyclass 3
--- Congratulations "Alex' Ivanhoe" and Maria Jämtenstål, to 3:rd place in the rally obedience !!!
2015-01-07 - "Alex´ Midnight Bossa Nova", has 4 puppies born December 23. 3 females and 1 male. Dad is "Ellyas De La Montez"

Alex´Kennel - News - 2015

2015-01-01 - WE Wish all old and new visitors A Happy New Year...
2015-01-06 - Update regarding puppies ...

- 'Alex' Wilma In Wonderland "has a puppy Birth 5 Sep, bitch, pictures later. (not for sale at the moment). Dad is' Alex 'Excalibur'

- 'Alex' Zhade Of Pale "has three puppies, born December 18 2 females and one male. Pictures later ...

- "Alex" Midnight Bossa Nova "has 4 puppies born December 23. 3 females and 1 male. Dad is "Ellyas De La Montez", pictures later ...

Visit the Sale Page ...
Alex' Midnight Bossa Nova
Ellyas De La Montez
2015-01-27 - 24/1 - Papillon & Phalene club DK

Judge: Ole Staunskjer (dk)
"Alex' Excalibur" , BM2 with CC
Critique: 22månader, handsome and elegant male prima head, correct muzzle and skull, good bite, well set ears with prime lashes.
Beautiful topline, well angulated rear, properly applied and well carried tail.
Could have a little more bone.
Beautiful color and fur. Moves with much charisma, moves elegantly.
- Other results:
"Ellyas De La Montez" Open Class 1a Exellent
"Alex'Gogo Dancer" Mid, exellent.
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2015-02-17 - 8/2 International show in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels" (Allison), CAC,CACIB BOB
                                    Showed by her breeder Petra Aben Maas
2015-02-23 - 2015-02-22 -
- Our little man, "Hermes Vom Schwabenhof" did very well at the puppyshow  today in Hässleholm. (Sweden)
We arrived late and had only 10min to prepare before we had to enter the  ring. Not the best for a first timer.
But "Hermes" did great, walking with attitude and tail up, for the Judge,  Mikael Nilsson, winning his class 4-6 months with HP.
Very nice critic from the judge. Soo good experience for the future.
I love this boy!!!
Hermes is after "Elrams Kaiser Franz Joseph" & "Alex' Take The Chance Trinie".
               Thank's Marlies and Yvonne Weber for letting this boy come to us.
  Hermes Vom Schwabenhof 
2015-03-29 - 2015-03-29 - The result for the day at Int. Show in Malmö, (Sweden).
"Alex' James Bond",  Exellent junior class 2.
"Allan' Quatermain Goes Wild",  Exellent  cq. Best male 3 reserv cac.
"Alex ' Hatti Finatti", Exellent youth class 3.
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels", Exellent cq . openclass 1 Best Bitch 2 CAC. reserve cacib
"Alex ' Kalif",  best male puppy 2,  Owner: Inger Viola Yazlikcilar
"Alex Kiss Me Kate", best bitch puppy 2 hp. Owner: Anders Throbäck.
"Alex Juliette Binoche",  exellent in junior class 1 cq.  Owner: Malin Malmkvist.
"Alex' Irma",  exellent in junior class. Owner: Helena Pedersen.
        Overall a good day.
2015-05-21 - Hässleholm - 2015 -  16th och 17th of May...

--- Our results from this weekend's show in Hässleholm May 16th ---
Judge: Ásta María Guðbergsdóttir, (Iceland)
* Best male puppy 1 4-6m, BOB puppy, BIS puppy 'Alex' Orion '
* Best female puppy 6-9m BOB, BIS2 "Alex's Most Wanted", owner Maria Larsson
* Best male puppy 2a 6-9m "Hermes Vom Schwabenhof"
* Best Bitch 2nd 4-6m, with HP, "Alex 'Nefertite"
* Best Junior 2a 'Alex' Kiss Me Kate ", owner Anders Throbäck.
* Best Male 3 'Alex' Kalif ", owner Inger Viola Yaglikcilar.
"Alex 'Excalibur', Open Class 1a CK, Best Male 2 with CAC
"Kings And Queenie Head Over Heels," open class 3rd with CK.


-- Our results from the weekend´s show in Hässleholm May 17th ---
Judge: Marija Kavcic
"Alex 'Quatermaine Goes Wild" open class 3a
"Alex 'Excalibur', Open Class 4a.
"Kings And Queenie Head Over Heels," Best Female 2nd with reserve and the reserve CACIB.
"Alex 'Hatti Fnatti" Best Female 3a.
  Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels

- 27/6 Borås,   Judge: Vicky Abbot
"Alex' Excalibur",  openclass 2, Exellent cc quality Best Male 4.
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels",  openclass 2, Exellent cc quality
"Hermes Vom Schwabenhof",  puppyclass 3, Judge: Howard Ogden
"Alex' Most Wanted",  puppyclass 1 BOS


-26/6 Borås, Judge: John Reeve Newson
"Alex' Excalibur",  openclass 2Exellent , cc quality
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels",  openclass 3, exellent
"Hermes Vom Schwabenhof",  Puppyclass 3.
2015-07-17 --- Shows,  Tvååker, (Sweden) 10 & 11 July...

- 10/7 - International Show -
Judge: Eva Nielsen
"Alex' Excalibur",  openclass 2, BM4
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels",  chclass 1, BB1 with cacib, BOS
    Congratulations to BOB,  Malin Malmqvist with "Danemore Looking Good"
- 11/7 - National show in Tvååker, (Sweden),
Judge: Rob Douma (The Netherlands)
"Alex' Excalibur",  openclass 1, Best male 1, CAC, BOB
"Kings And queenies Head Over Heels",  championclass 1, Best bitch 1, BOS
- 11/7 Last but not least...
"Ellyas de la Montez",  openclass 2, Best male 3 with reserv CAC
--- News from Germany ---
- 10-11/7- Show in Germany...
"Alex' Eye Of The Tiger",  BOB both days
Congratulations to the owner Marlies Weber
2015-09-06 --- More then one update at the time...

- 5 sep Öland, Sweden...

"Alex 'Quatermaine Goes Wild",  Exellent ck, Bm 4 , yesterday...
- 8 aug - International Show in Ronneby, Sweden...

"Alex'Excalibur Best Male", CAC, Cacib, BOB and is now Swedish CH. and Dkch at
Ronneby int. Show. Thanks to the Judge: Mikael Nilsson.
"Alex' Excalibur",  is after Multich "Alex'First Choise" and "Zkarabis What Ever".
Congrats to Queenwings kennel with "Queenwings Royal Queen Star",  for BOS,
who also got the champion title today.
- 14 aug: Denmark...

1:st Day result from Denmark. Judge: Fredrik Nilsson, Sweden.
"Alex' Excalibur",  openclass exellent, Best male 2 with res cac
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels", Openclass exellent Best Bitch 3
"Hermes Vom Schwabenhof",  juniorclass vg. Overall a good day.
Thanks to all friends around the ring for good company
- 15 aug: Denmark...

2:nd Day in Denmark. Judge: Dagmar Klein.
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels",  Openclass 1 exellent ck, Best Bitch 2 with cac,res  cacib (will be full cacib) and are now Danish Champion
- 16 aug: Denmark...

3:rd Day in Denmark show. Judge: Andreas Schemel
"Alex' Excalibur",  openclass 2ck.  Bm 2 with res cacib.
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels",  Chclass 2 Bb 3 with res cacib.
Congrats to the winners.
- 11 september...

- We had a fantastic day at Richmond Championship Show,
where our new boy, Tig ("Alex' Eye Of The Tiger", at Panspayon (Imp)),
Showed beautifully and had 2nd in Open Dog,
and then went onto win the Reserve CC.            
                      Thank you very much to our Judge: Cheryl Lockett...
- BOB "Alex'Excalibur",
- BOS "Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels"
  Judge: Lisa Molin
- BOB puppy, "Alex'Orion"
- BOS puppy,  "Alex'Obsession"
  Judge: Marie Petersen
2015-10-21 - 17 Oktober 2015 - Show in Hässleholm - SPK -

"Alex'Orion",  Best juniormale, BOS
  Father: "Bliccis Join The Team"
  Mother: "Alex'Zhade Of Pale"
"Alex'Nefertite",  Best Juniorbitch, BOB Group 2junior.
  Father: "Alex'Excalibur"
  Mother: "Alex ' Wilma In Wonderland"
Judge: Kjerstin Nilsson.
"Alex'Nefertite",  Best Juniorbitch,
  BOB Group 2junior.
  Father: "Alex'Excalibur"
  Mother: "Alex ' Wilma In Wonderland"
2015-12-09 - Puppies for sale...

- 30/11 four puppies was born.
Mother is "Alex ' Hatti Fnatti"
(Alex'Masterpiece & Roxinas Marie Antoinette )
Father is" Alex'Excalibur"
(Alex'First Choise & Zkarabi's What Ever )
On the photo is from left Girl, Boy, Girl, Girl
Both parents are dnatested free/normal from PRA1 and PL.
"Alex'Excalibur" & "Alex ' Hatti Fnatti´s", pups, 5days old.
              She is such a sweet caring first time mother
2015-12-10 - Two more puppies for sale...

- 2/12 -  Two puppies born.
Mother is "Alex`Una"
("Alex`Masterpiece" & "Miss Butterfly's Elizabeth Arden")
Father is "Alex´James Bond"
("Smile Line G-A Royal Rord Spirit" & "Alex' Midnight Bossa Nova")
On the picture, ( and the pis below) from Left, Girl, Boy...
Both parents are dna testad Free / normal from pra1 och pl.
"Alex 'Una" &" Alex' James Bond´s" puppies, 8 days old...