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2014-01-02 Welcome to 2014 version of Alex´
2014-01-12 - 6/1 International show in Gothenburg, (Sweden),
Judge: Gunilla Skallman
"Ellyas de la Montez", best junior male and Crufts qualified for 2015.
"Alex'quatermaine Goes Wild", 2nd in open class male with cc
"Alex'Zhade Of Pale", exellent in open class, unplaced
2014-01-27 - Lovely news from Italy!
  Terrys son
Multi JCh. "Dorado vom Schwabenhof", wins 2x CAC 2x CACIBs & 1 BOB at his very first Italian shows with his new handler Juri Geidons!
Congrats to the owner  Lemuro Kennel
2014-01-27 - January 25 - 2014
     Today we were at a show in Denmark.
"Mariposas Pale Rider", 2nd open class, exellent, cc quality, bhkl 4!
His lovely daughter "Alex Zhade of Pale", won the open class with excellent, cc quality and got the reserve CAC!
2014-01-17 - Now it's official!
Alex´True Love For Esme is the Number 1 Papillon in Brazil in 2013.
We are very proud of this little dog and her owner Ana Cecilia Rocha.
2014-03-16 - Doubbleshow in Recklinghausen
Our  boy "Alex´Eye Of The Tiger", was res junior the first day.
  Next day he was BOB junior and Best In Show junior.

- Tigers father is "Alex´First Choice", and his mother is "Zkarabis What Ever"
  So proud of the little boy... ! Tiger is owned by Marlise & Yvonne Weber.

- 4/4 - Junior BIS winner,VDH juniorchampion "Alex´Eye Of The Tiger", is now German juniorchampion with junior BOB and junior res BIS. Judge Iris Urschitz from Austria.
Tiger is also Landenjugendsieger Sachsen 2014.
Tigers owner is Marlise Weber , Vom Schwabenhofs Papillons.
                                           We are superproud of our little Tiger.
-  24 - March
- 21/4 - "Alex´Masterpiece", daughter Diddle, "Davina Vom Schwabenhof",  won an agility competition in France congratulations to the owners.
- 21/4 -  Pukis "Dorado vom Schwabenhof", son of "Alex´Masterpiece", won 2x CAC , 2x CACIB and 2x BOB in two international dog shows in Slovenia .
                                    Thank you to Pukis handlers Vincenzo Pontone
- 21/4 - "Alex´Masterpiece", son "Dorian Vom Schwabenhof",  got CAC and BOB in an international show in Tjeckien...
"Beltram Vom Schwabenhof", son of "Alex´Take The Chance Trinie".
2014-05-14 - 11/5 -  JBIS, LJS,VDH & Dt. JCh. "Alex'Eye of the Tiger",  is new VDH Europajugendsieger 2014 and BOB junior!
2014-05-18 - 18 / 5 - Int. Show in Hässleholm. (Sweden) Judge: Martin Johansson. (Sweden)
- "Alex'Excalibur",  first in juniorclass of six.
- "Ellyas de la Montez",  first in youthclass BM3 with CAC.
- "Mariposas Pale Rider",  exellent in openclass.
- "Alex'GoGoDancer",  exellent 3 in juniorclass.
- "Alex'Zhade Of Pale",  openclass exellent.
- "Alex Xtra",  Exellent  in openclass,

    --- Overall a good day as Margot Hörnqvists BOB puppys mother is
"Alex'Take The Chance Trinie",  owned by Marlise Weber.
BOS puppy was "Alex'Irma", owned by Helena Pedersen.
2014-06-19 - 9/6 -
"Davina vom Schwabenhof",  A Terry doughter, has now become French Champion and  qualified to Crufts 2015.
Congratulations to her owner Marie Costes...

- May - Picture of Ellyas, celebrating the her certificate from Hässleholms exhibition on 18 of may...
                                  Ellyas co-owned by Linda Eriksson kennel Mariposa...
- 24 May -

Todays showresult for Alex' kennel at South Sweden Papillonspecial
"Alex'Excalibur",  BM 3
"Ellyas de la Montez",  BM 4
"Alex'Gogo Dancer",  BB 2
"Alex'Keep On Dancing Up And Down",  BB4
"Alex'Cornelia",  BV 1 and BIS veteran
"Alex´Irma",  was BOB puppy in Bosjökloster
Congratulatuions to her owner Helena Pedersen
- 4/6
The brothers Alex´Eye Of The Tiger and Alex´Excalibur is tester free of PL
Alex´Fair Game och Alex´GoGo Dancer is also tested free of PL
"Alex´James Bond"
- 7/6 -
Show in Åhus
BOB puppi was "Alex´Jack Black",  with hp
"Alex James Bond",  was second with hp.
"Alex´Cornelia",  was BOB,BOB veteran and BIS veteran.
"Alex´Jack Black"
"Alex´ Cornelia"
"Ellyas de la Montez"
2014-08-06 - Updates during July 2014 -

19/7 Jch.,ljs, Europajgs., LS "Alex'eye of the Tiger",  wins Cac and BOB over specials today under Rainer Jacobs (d)

7/7  National show in Ronneby, Sweden
"Alex'Excalibur", 2nd in junior class with exellent
  "Ellyas de Montez," 1st class with Exellent CK
  "Alex'Zhade Of Pale", 4th in open class with CK Exellent
  "Kings and Queenie Head Over Heels', 1st in open class with CK Exellent,
    3rd Best Bitch with CAC.

6/7  jch. "Alex' eye of the Tiger",  wins 2x Cac, 1x Bob and BIS 4 this Weekend over specials
"Alex´Juliette Binoche"
- "Alex'Juliette Binoche" has moved to Malin Malmqvist. We wish her luck...
- Baccara Von Schwabenhof have puppies 3 boys and 2 girls ...
Baccara Von Schwabenhof
2014-09-03 - Puppies for sale!!!

Sire: Ellyas DE La Montez
Dame: Baccara Vom Schwabenhof
Leveransklara 11/9 -14.
See pictures at For Sale site...
2014-10-27 - We are waiting for new puppies in late  November.
Father's "Alex' Quarermaine Goes Wild" DNAtestad free for PRA1
Mother "Alex' Una" DNA tested free against PRA1
These puppies will be genetically free of PRA1
- 19/10 - Alex' Ivanhoe,  has passed his title in Rally Obedience RLN, congratulations
to Mary and Ivy. Not only did he strikes with 95 points and fifth place,
  in other start so he pulls out with 93 points and fourth place.
- 04.10.2014 - CACIB dog show in Bratislava (SK) -
Judge: Lokodi Csaba Zsolt   Owner:  Marcela Blahutová (CZ)
Multi. Ch. "Dorian vom Schwabenhof " - champion class - ex 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
and finished so his INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!
   Dorian is the litterbrother to WokingCH, beuatyCH. "Davina vom Schwabenhof "
and Multi JCH. multi Ch." Dorado vom Schwabenhof", Sire is "Alex' Masterpiece"
- 4/10 - Exhibition in Herlufmagle, Judge: Carole Garhöfer
'Alex' Zhade Of Pale ", open class 1a with ck, BT2 with CC and Danish Champion
Zhadow appeared for the day, absolutely exellent,
by Linda Eriksson kennel Mariposa.
Zhadow is for "Mariposa's Pale Rider 'and' Alex 'Midnight Bossa Nova."
- "Alex" Kiss Me Kate, "has moved to Anders Throbäck with family.
                                                    We wish her well ...
- New images from Germany of fine Multi Ch, Multi JCH,
    "Alex'take The Chance Trinie" ...
- 18/9 - 2014 -  JBIS, Multi JCH,  Benelux JW, Europajgs, cruftsqualified
"Alex'Eye of The Tiger"
                                 Thanks Yvonne for your great work with Tiger...
2014-12-31 - The latest pictures at Una and Manne's puppies ... and named
Alex´My Hero
Alex´Most Wanted
Alex´My Miracle