Alex´Kennel - News - 2013

2013-01-06 - Happy New Year
2013-01-22 - Result from todays vet check.
  "Alex´Masterpiece",  PRA free
  "Alex´Midnight Bossa Nova",  PRA free
  "Alex´Zhade Of Pale",  Patella free
                Always a great feeling.
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2013-01-26 - Todays show in Denmark, Papillon&Phalene club special, Judge: Inga Siil (Estonia)
  "Alex´Quatermaine Goes Wild", open class 2 Exellent ccquality. not placed in bm...
  "Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels", openclass 1 exellent ccquality,
not placed in bb...
  "Alex Zhade Of Pale", juniorclass 1, exellent JUNIOR CAC, Best Bitch CAC, BOS...
  "Zhadows is the first bitch that got the junior cac after the new rules...
                                                Pictures soon...
2013-01-26       "Alex Zhade Of Pale", junior class 1, exellent JUNIOR CAC, Best Bitch CAC,  BOS...
Zhadows critic for the day:
Outstanding youngster in quality and type,exellent size and proportions,very well buildt and balanced,extremely beautifulhead and expression,exellent topline and tailset.Very well body for age,exellent coat for age,exellent colour,Outstanding temperament,moves very well from all sides,very promising young bitch.
2013-02-18 - 16 februari 2013 - Show in Curitiba, Brasil...
"Alex´True Love For Esme",  got 3x CAC 3XBOB, 1BIG 3 and 1BIG 4
                                             Congratulations Ana
2013-03-13 - In the beginning of April we are expecting puppies between
"Queenwings Forever Snow" and "Alex´Midnight Bossa Nova"

- If nature is kind we will get puppies in May
"Nightfire´s Hot Present" & "Alex´Wilma In Wonderland"
2013-06-04 - Starting with short Notes...
  "Miss Butterfly´s Elisabeth Arden" is living with Lena Eek ( Sweden ), and
"Susie" is living with Jan Eek ( Sweden )...

- Headlines...
  "Alex´Take The Chance Trinie",  multi JCH.  multi Champion, Slovenien Champion, BOS...
2013-06-17 - News about "Alex´Masterpiece", offspring...

- Davina vom Schwabenhof ( owner: Francoise Costes, France) -  BOB and JBOB, Truffledog, Agility.

- Dorado vom Schwabenhof - (owner: Lemuro kennel LT)  BOB winner, Junior Champion and JCAC winner .

- Dorian vom Schwabenhof , (owner: Marcela Blahutová, (Kennel Porubský Kvet, CZ)
  Junior Champion, JCAC
Davina vom Schwabenhof
Dorado vom Schwabenhof
Dorian vom Schwabenhof
2013- 06- 22 - News
One of "Alex´Masterpiece" offspring, made some good results last weekend...

  - 2013-06-15 9gr spec show in Tartu (EST)
Pukis "Dorado vom Schwabenhof" was Best Junior and Best Male-2 under judge ZORICA SALIJEVIC from Sweden

   - 2013-06-16 9&8 gr spec show in Tartu (EST)
Pukis was Best Junior, BOB , JBISS-3 and BIG-3 !
Dorado vom Schwabenhof
2013- 08-14 - News from early August...

- 10/8  "Alex'Take The Chance Trinie Best Bitch 2 with CAC and new title
             German Champion (VK) (pic below...)

2013-08-14 - News from July...

- 2/7  Terry's son Dorian Vom Schwabenhof intermediate class 1 exellent with CAC in   
          Ostrava (Czech Republic) owner: Marcela Blahutova

- 5/7  Me and Linda Eriksson had a few nice days on the road when we brought home
  "Ellyas De La Montez",  from Germany.  Breeder: Tanja Poetch.
   CoOwned with Linda, (Mariposa's kennel).
     Ellyas will stay most of the time with Linda Eriksson.
                          Thanks Tanja for letting us have this lovely boy.
2013-08-14 -
- News from June...

  - 20/6  "Kings And Queenie's Head Over Heels", PRA test free.
          "Zona Vom Schwabenhof",  PL test free
          "Alex'An Angel Is Born",  PL test free.

  - 27/6 I received a visit from sweet  "Zsa Zsa Gabor", (first picture...)
             Half sisters, "Alex´Una" & "Alex´An Angel Is Born", (second picture...)
Davina Vom Schwabenhof
  - 30/6 National show, Borås, (Sweden),Judge:Joan Goldstein USA
     "Alex'Zhade Of Pale" 1st class with Exellent cc, Best bitch 1 with CAC, BOB
- 5/8 Terry's female Davina Vom Schwabenhof got her first CAC at exhibition in France.
- 10/8  Terry's son Dorian Vom Schwabenhof show in Ostrava, Czech Republic
           Intermediate class 1 ecellent with CAC.
Dorian vom Schwabenhof
- 1/8"Alex'Read My Lips Its Only Gossip", (Vinn), daughter of "Alex´Materpiece"
           competed in agility and was 2nd,
                                                    Congratulations Jennie Eek...
- 20/7 Show in Mosede Denmark, Judge: AnnKristine Johansson, Sweden
     "Alex'Zhade Of Pale",  intermediate class 1a with exellent, Best Bitch 2  with CAC
2013- 08-15 - Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels (Allison), is pregnant with Alex'Quatermaine Goes Wild, (Manne). Puppies are expected in a few weeks.
Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels
Alex'Quatermaine Goes Wild
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Alex´Una" & Alex´An Angel Is Born
Ellyas de La Montez
Alex´Read My Lips It´s Only Gossip
Alex'Take The Chance Trinie
Alex´True Love For Esme
2013- 08-20 - 14th of August -
   Kennel Club  Florianópolis ,  papillon "Alex´True Love For Esme", was BOB and best in group 2 and the next day BOB and 4 in group, now she is Grand Pan American champion
                                  Congratulations to the owner Ana Cecilia Rocha
2013- 08-27 - 25/8 - "Alex´Masterpiece" offspring...
               "Dorian vom Schwabenhof",  16 months old
            Junior Czech Champion, Club Junior Champion (Papillon - Phalene, CZ) 
                                           Owner: Marcela Blahutova
2013- 08-27
- 24/8 - Exhibition in Skurup, (Sweden)
       First show for our lovely boy "Ellyas de la Montez", Puppy Class, BOB, BIS 2nd
                                      Linda, CoOwner to Ellyas de La Montez,  showed him.
"Dorian Vom Schwabenfof"
"Ellyas de La Montez" & Linda
2013- 08-29 - Group Final Borås, (Sweden) 30/6. Photo taken by Monia Vergård
"Alex´Zhade Of Pale"
2013- 09-19 - 15/9 - National Show, Tågarp (Sweden), Judge: Tina Permo
      - "Alex´Quatermaine Goes Wild", 1st Open Class, BH reserve CAC
      - "Alex´Zhade Of Pale", 1st intermediate class, 4th best bitch

   - Other nice results:
    Zkarabi's "Whatever", Mother of our E-litter, has been given new titles:
          Azerbaijan champion, Georgian Champion, Moldavian Champion
Zkarabi´s "What Ever"
- 14/9 - International Show, Sofiero (Sweden)
              Judge: Fredrik Nilsson
               "Alex'Zhade Of Pale", 2nd intermediate class, 4th best bitch

- 24/8 - Unofficiel utställning, Skurup , (Sweden),  Judge: Pia Prahl
           - Mariposa's "It's Now Or Never", BOB
           - "Ellyas de La Montez" BOB BIS 2a,
           - Alex'Xtra "Best Bitch 2

           - Mariposa's "Pale Rider", BOS
- 11/9 - In the Czech Republic - Offspring after "Alex´Masterpiece", 
      "Dorian vom Schabenhof", got another CAC
                                       Congratulations to Mercela Blahutova ...
- 2/9 - Daughter after "Alex´Masterpiece", "Davina vom Schwabenhof",
             her first contest in truffle search, 1st place...
"Alex´Zhade Of Pale"
"It´s Now Or Never", "Alex´Xtra","Ellyas de La Montez","Pale Rider
2013- 09-24 - 21/9 -Today we have social training puppies and young dogs by being on Show at  Lund brukshundklubb. First went our 4months male "Alex'Fair Game" (Felix),
  BOB puppy 4-6m and finished BISv 4.
    Next puppy out was "Alex'GoGo Dancer", BOS 4-6m.
"Alex'Excalibur", went 6-9m. BOB in his age group but beaten by Felix at  best puppy.
To support and babysitter of all puppies we had appointed Alex's  Masterpiece, he was BOB, BIG, BIS 2nd
"Baccara Vom Schwabenhof" behaved nicely and BOS ....
"Alex'Fair Game", (Felix)
2013- 11-03 - 1/11 - International show in Växjö, (Sweden), Judge Anna Brancovic (Serbia)
"Alex´Quatermaine Goes Wild",  1 in openclass with ccquality, Best Male reserv  with CAC
"Alex´Zhade Of Pale",  2 in youthclass with ccquality
Delicate ribbons, after today's exhibitions ...
2013- 11-08 - 2013-11-07 -
  Diddle new working champion in France.
Congratulations to Francoise & Marine  Costes for such a great work with our Terry daughter.
Hover to Enlarge...
2013 - 12 - 31  
Happy New Year 2014
Thanks to All visitors, during 2013, old and new. Welcome back 2014...