2012-09-26 - New results: 22-23/9 -  Peissen Germany, Judges:  Mr.Holtorf (D) And Mr. Horak (CZ)
  Saturday Multich "Alex´Masterpiece",  was BEST MALE, CAC,BOB
  Sunday Multich "Alex´Masterpiece",  was BEST MALE, CAC, BOB and BIS

                      Thanks to Yvonne Weber for super handling of our boy.
2012-08-13 - 11/8  National Show in Ronneby (Sweden), Judge: Ann-Kristin Johansson
   "Rozamie Recognition", Our guest from No Deals kennel was Best Male, 
BOB,  handled by Björn Alexanderson
"Alex´Zhade Of Pale",  Best Female & BOB puppy
"Alex´Xtra",  1a Juniorclass,  4a Best Female
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels",  exellent Youthclass
                 The girls, was handled by Linda Eriksson at Mariposa kennel
2012-07-02 - 1/7 Mieken Club Rengoukaiten show, Japan, Judge: Mr Chow from Taiwan
* Handler Mr Murakumo
"Alex´Uno",  take winners Dog and are now Japanese Champion.
                     Congratulations to the owner Snow Party Papillons in Japan
Photos are from the show in june.

- 28/6 -12
Ousaka Higashi Hachio Aiken Club
Handler mr Murakumo, "Alex´Uno",  Winners Dog.
2012-04-15 - "Alex´True Love For Esme" is now Brasilien and Pan American  Champion...
        ----- Big Congratulations -----

- From Alex´Kennel, Zatchmo is sold!!! Moves to Lund (Sweden) on Thuseday...
  We wish him all luck...
2012-03-27 - 24_25 march, News from Ana & Esme in Brazil.  Agility Championshow...
Esme was compeeting in a two step agilityclass for beginners.
First step she came on third place and on the next step she won.
  On her first exhibitions Esme got 2 CAC and 2 CACPAB (Pan American ch)
and she also got 2 BOB

                                   Well done Ana&Esme we are soo proud of you.
Alex´Kennel - News - 2012

Happy New Year to all "old" and new visitors !!!
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2012-01-10 --- 8/1 "Backy" CH-class 4 exellent ccq, not placed in the competition
"Allison" (picture on the left), 1 juniorclass Exellent out of 9 juniors.
Judge: Dan Eriksson

--- 7/1 Happy to announce that our female "Alex´Keep On Dancing Up  And Down" (Backy) , (picture on the right)...
sire: Antony  dame:La Rocca´s Last Rose Of Summer 
finished her Swedish Championtitle in Gothenburg, openclass  1, CAC, R-Cacib BB2
Judge: Annica Ulltweit Moe.    
- Our import "Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels" (Allison)
1  juniorclass, Exellent CC- quality, not placed.

--- 5 Januari - Papillonringens Top ten 2011
"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down" ( Backy),   2a Best Female
2012-01-25 - New puppy   Sire: "Alex´Quatermaine Goes Wild" &
                            Dame: "Miss Butterflys Elizabeth Arden"
The puppy is  named, " Alex´An Angel Is Born", born 16th  january  2012... Not for sale!
2012-02-14 - A new pictures on Trinie, from Yvonne Weber...
- New pictures on the Sale page...
2012-03-01 - A picture of  "Alex´Zamurai Rider", living i Slovenia... Good luck...
2012-03-15 - 8/3 - Allison, "Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels"  was placed fourth in juniorclass at Crufts... ( right picture )

- "Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down" was showing in  open class, 19 in the class, not placed... Backy got a Ribbon, for 2nd best Show Bitch, at the top 10... ( left picture )
2012-03-17 - 17/3  International Show in Malmö, Judge: Dagmar Klein, (Rumania)
"Alex´Xtra",  female puppy 2, exellent , HP
"Alex´Wilma In Wonderland ",  Juniorclass 4 with exellent
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels",  Youthclass exellent, cc-quality, not placed.
"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down",  Championclass 2 exellent, cc-quality,
  Best Bitch-4
"Alex´Masterpiece",  Championclass Exellent, cc-quality, not placed.
                                                      Picture coming soon...
2012-04-12 - News from Ana Cecilia Rochas...about Esme...
" Yesterday I attended another exhibition in the city of Santos".
She won 3 CAC, 2 CACPAB and 1 CACIB, and three BOB.
2012-05-21 - 20/5... National Show in Hässleholm, Sweden.  Judge: Tina Permo, (Sweden) 
              62 Entries...
* SEUCH "Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down", 1 ch class with exellent,
Best Bitch,BOS.
* SEUCH,DKCH "Alex´Cornelia" Best veteran Bitch, with exellent,BIR veteran.
* "Alex´Wilma In Wonderland", Juniorclass 3,exellent*
* "Alex´Quater Main Goes  Wild", Openclass exellent
* "Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels", Youthclass 2, with exellent.
"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down"
"Keramet´s Extreme Secret"
2012-05-30 - 26/5 -  PapillonSpecial Show i Degeberga, Sweden:

* Papillonspecial Female:
"First Juniorclass "Alex´Wilma In Wonderland" (Wilma-bild)
* Papillon special Sweden:
"Alex´Quater Main Goes Wild", First Openclass
* Papillonspecial:
SEUCH DKUCH "Alex´Masterpiece",  2 ch class
* Best Male Papillon special:
1 NORD UCH "Denemore Looking Good"
2 SEUCH DKUCH "Alex´Masterpiece"
3 "Alex´Quatermine Goes Wild"
4 "Vangelis dÁmore"
* "Alex´Zhade Of Pale",  5 months old on her first show ...
* Papillon special:
Best Veteran Bitch SEUCH DKUCH "Alex´Cornelia"
* Papillonspecial Youth class:
1 "Haremets Cara Mia"
2 "Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels"
2012-06-16 16 june - International show in Denmark today, Judge was Charlotte Patterson USA

- I showed Mariposa´s "Pale Rider" (Ridde), who was first in openclass with exellent  Best male 2 and got his first CAC. Congratulations to his owner Simon Eriksson.
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels",  was 3 in youthclass with exellent
"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down",  was 3 in championclass with exellent
2012-07-03 - 1/7 International show in Borås, Sweden,   Judge:  Barbara Wood, (USA)
"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down",  Best Bitch 3.
2012-07-18 - Uno got AOM ( Award of Merit) !!!

Show date: 2012/7/14
Show name: Mie Imperial Papillon Club
The president: Mrs. Chie Ejima of Queen Bless Papillon
Judge: Mr. Deddy Tjahjono of Indonesia
Handler: Mr. Murakumo

This show is for papillon only. And many champions entered.
"Alex´Uno",  became 2nd  male.
Uno is only 1.5 year old. It is a grand result!

Mrs. Ejima and Mr. Deddy praised Uno.
Uno is very charming!

Mr. Deddy liked this dog very much, and so did Mrs. Ejima.
2012-09-04 - 1/9 International Show in Luxembourg, Judge: Katalin Radvanszky (Hungary).
"Alex´Masterpiece", CAC Luxembourg champion, cacib international champion, BOB
                                                 Superhandled by Yvonne Weber (picture left)
2012-09-25                 Old News, good as new...(web master has been on vacation)
- Todays result : 8-sept. from Alex´kennel at the show in Helsingborg, Sweden
"Alex´Zhade Of Pale", BOB puppy  (6)
"Alex´Wilma From Wonderland", first with exellent and cacquality  (11)
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels", First youth class exellent, BB 3 res cac  (9)
"Alex´To The Top Tinkerbell", openclass exellent, not placed. (20)
  85 entries
- Todays result, 9-sept. from Alex´kennel.Eket, Judge: Tina Taulos
"Alex´Zhade Of Pale", BOB puppy,and later BIS PUP
"Alex´Wilma In Wonderland", 2 juniorclass exellent cc quality
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels", 1 youthclass exellent cc quality
"Alex´To The Top Tinkerbell", Openclass VG,

Nice day and got to meet nice friends.Thanks to you all.
2012-10-28                             -  Alex´Kennel tanking Yvonne Weber for this collage...
2012-11-03 - International show in Växjö. Judge Bengt-Åke Bogren (74  entries)

Alex´Quatermaine Goes Wild First in openclass with ecellent ccq,CAC,Best Male 3.
Alex´Masterpiece 4 in championclass with exellent
Alex´Wilma In Wonderland 4 in juniorclass with exellent.
Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels First in Youth class with exellent,ccq, Best Bitch 4
2012-11-13 - Results from Malmö (Sweden) 11/11...
"Alex' Zhade of Pale",  BOB puppy. Her 4th BOB
2012-11-26 - Baby Blue, has movied to Karin Johansson i Tomelilla...
   Alex´BB King, is sold to Annika Sjölund i Umeå...
  Alex´Baby Blue
  Alex´BB King