2011-02-20 - "Miss Butterfly´s Elizabeth Arden",  (Scorpan)  got two puppies at 11:th feb.
a Bitch and Male. "Alex´Uno" & "Alex´Una",  in the pictures they are one week old.
2011-01-03 - Welcome to 2011...A new year of Shows, puppies and news from Alex´Kennel...
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Alex´Kennel - News - 2011

2011-01-14 - We expecting puppies in Februari, Dame "Miss Butterfly´s Elizabeth  Arden" ,
Sire "Alex´Masterpiece"


- "Alex´He´s Jack Sparrow",  has left Carine Rutten,
  Up And  Downs kennel in The Netherlands to,
Sharon MacFarlane Mondelise kennel in Australia.
               We wish them Good Luck...


- December 2010, Show in Stockholm...
  "Alex´Masterpiece"  Open class reserv
  "Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down"  Open class reserv.

2011-02-02 - New pictures of our puppies at home and abroad...
- "Alex' Try The Bell Tingeling"
at  Alex´Kennel
- "Alex' To The Top Tinkerbell"
at  Alex´Kennel
- "Alex Take The Chance Trinie"
  at  Marlise Weber, Tyskland
- "Alex True Love For Esme"
  at Ana Cecilia Rocha, Brasil
2011-02-14 - News from Holland
  "Alex´Icaros",  BOB Phalene and BIG 3
2011-03-14 - "Alex´Uno och "Alex´Una", just over 4 weeks old.
2011-03-23 - International Show in Malmö (Sweden) 3/20, Judge; Sonja Björklund
"Alex´Masterpiece" 3a best Male of 25

- News from Canada...

---"The Windsor All Breed Training & Tracking Club" in Windsor, Ontario ( Canada )
Judge; Mr. Michael Lanctot fromCornwall , Ontario.
"Alex´Maple Moon" (Mani) BOB .
Alex´Maple Moon and  Phillipe...
Mani owns by Lorraine Nelligan,Canada.
2011-04-02 - Isadora are sold to Ulla Segerberg,  in Halmstad (Sweden)
2011-04-27 - April 24th, Nestved, ( Denmark). Judge; Marina Ostrovskaya
"Alex´Masterpiece",  2 Best Male with CAC
"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down",  openclass 2,Exellent cc quality
2011-05-10 - 7/5 Dogs for Sale...  For Sale >>>

- 5/5 "Roxina´s Marie Antoinette", gave birth to 4 puppies, 1 Male och 3 Bitches.
The father is "Alex´Ivanhoe" ( sire: "Alex´First Choice" & dame: "Glittras Golden Sunset")

2011-05-11 - NEWS from Becky, USA...!
2011-05-28 - Papillonspecial,  22/5 in Hässleholm (Sweden)
Judge: Jan Törnblom

"Alex´Masterpiece" (Terry) Openclass 1out of 15 males with exellent,  but not placed in best male...
"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down" (Backy) exellent, not placed.

"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down"
( Backy )
"Tigate's Going Great Guns   "
( Vinter )
- 21/5, Intenational Show in Hässleholm, Sweden
Breed judge Moa Persson (picture below)
"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down" (Backy),
  BOB CAC CACIB, BIG2, Judge: Marie Petersen Dk
2011-06-16 - Pictures of our puppies;
Sire: "Alex´Ivanhoe",  (Alex´First Choice & Glittra´s Golden Sunset)
Dame: "Roxina´s Marie Antoinette" (Pearl Collection Turmalin &
  Caratoot´s Coco Chanel)
The Male will be sold as pet-dog...
  Male: For sale as pet-dog...  
2011-07-05 - 3/7 Show in Borås, Sweden. Judge; Harry Vella, Malta
"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down" (Backy),  Best bitch 3.

2011-08-01 - 17/7 Show in Tvååker , Sweden,  Judge; Sue Terry
  "Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down" (Backy) , Best bitch 3
2011-08-08 - Good news from Yvonne. Trinie is now ...
"Alex´Take The Chance Trinie"

- Cyprus,   Junior Champion
- Georgian,  Junior Champion
- Moldavian,  Junior Champion
- Bulgarian ,    Junior Champion
- Macedonian,  Junior Champion
- Montenegro,   Junior Champion
- Black Sea Winner 2011

2011-08-19 - "Alex´Quick Step To  Heaven" ,  are sold to Åke Malmros. And...
  "Alex´Wendy´s Word Of Wisdom" are sold to Jennie Eek.
           We wish them good luck with there new Owners...
2011-08-25 - We have got a nice photo of "Alex´True Love For Esme", living in Brasil...
2011-08-28 - 27/8 Papillonclub special show in Påarp, Sweden ,  Judge: Anja Hansson
  "Alex´Masterpiece",  1st openclass,  2nd  Best Male
  "Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down",  1st Openclass,  2nd Best Female
  "Alex´To The Top Tinkerbell ", 3rd Juniorclass
  "Alex´Masterpiece",  1st  Best  Butterfly marking
2011-09-10 - Nat.Show at Eket, (Sweden), Judge: Glenway Dymock (Australia)
"Alex´Masterpiece",  Exellent CAC BOB SECH
"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down",   2 in openclass exellent,  Best Bitch 3
"Alex´To The Top Tinkerbell",  juniorclass exellent

- Terry also became Danish ch today
                                                       Photo coming soon...
2011-09-15 - Alex´kennel has got a new family member;
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels" (Allison)
Sire: "Powdermill Touch The Night" (Dudly)
Dame: "Whispering Valley Miss Whisper" (Whisper)
2011-09-19 - Here are the pictures at Eket  (Sweden), 13 september, Photo: Elin Weiefors
   BIR "Alex´Masterpiece", at the left
   BIM "Menine´s Lady Stardust",  at the right
"Alex Masterpiece"
2011-09-29 -  We got a new photo of Uno,  from Yuiki in Japan...
"Alex Uno"
2011-10-04 -  the Royal Melbourne Show,  Judge: Bo Skalin (Finland)
"Alex He´s Jack Sparrow"  won the Open Dog  Class and was Reserve CC...

- "Alex´Try The Bell Tingeling",  has moved to Jennie Eek
                  We wish her good luck with her new family...
2011-11-07 - International show in Luxenburg, "Alex´Take The Chance Trinie"
  Luxenburg Junior Champion and Best Female, at the age of 13 months.
                           Congratulations Marlise and Yvonne...
2011-10-19 - Multi Junior champion "Alex´Take The Chance Trinie",
has got her 7:th JuniorChampion titel...
         Congratulation to Marlise Weber and Yvonne for their act...

- Show in Denmark,  8/10
"Alex´Masterpiece",  BM 4 clubcertificat
"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down",  BB 2.

- 9/10
"Alex´Masterpiece",  BM 2 clubcertificat
"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down",  2:nd Openclass,

2011-11-13 - Alex´kennel has got it´s first  American Champion.
  "Alex´First Choise",  soon 10y, still going strong!!!
    Thanks to Rebecka Smith Mc Carty for taking so good care of him and Hiram
      for exellent handeling.  Picture soon...
2011-12-10 - International Nordic Winner Show in Stockholm (Sweden)

Alex´Kennel are proud to announse that our Duch female import
"Kings And Queenies Head Over Heels" (Allison), was Nordic Junior Winner 2011 in Stockholm
"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down" (Backy), got Bitch CAC,CACIB and  was BOS and got the title Nordic Winner 2011.

                                        Both bitches was qualified to Crufts 2012.

Thanks to the  judge in juniorclass Andreas Schemel and Pat Munn who judge the BOB
Jan Rosens with "Pojken" Judge: Pat Munn and Lotta Alexandersson with "Backy"
photo: Elin Wejefors