2010-03-07 - Januari 23rd. Waalwijk , The Netherlands, Judge; Mr. Sanchez, (Spain)
   "Alex'Icaros" BOB

International Dogshow, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Judge; Mrs Silverentand,

"Alex'Icaros", CAC CACIB and BOB and DUTCH Champion

"Alex'First Choice",  CAC, Best Male , BOB Veteran and BOB

"Alex'He's Jack Sparrow" ,res CAC, CACIB and DUTCH Champion

- Januari 10th. International Dog Show Paris, France. Judge; Mr. KERIHUEL,
  "Alex'Icaros", CACspeciale,CACIB and BOB and later Shortlisted in the Toygroup, Judge; MrsDesserne
2010-03-06 - 2009 list reports...

December 21th
- International Dog Show The Netherlands, Wijchen, Judge Mrs. R.Reijniers
"Alex First Choice", Veteran CAC, Best Male, BOB Veteran  and BOB.
Later BIG-2 , Groupjudge Mrs.P. Runderkamp.

"Alex'Hooked On A feeling",1 ex Open Class, res CAC, res CACIB

December 22nd
- Dog Of The Year Show 2009, Amersfoort, The Netherlands.
Judge; for Toygroup mr Hilverda
Invited "Alex'First Choice" and "Alex'Icaros"

"Alex First Choice" shortlisted with last 6 ,only 2 placements!
2010-02-08 - We want to thank our old and new visitors for 2009.
Welcome back in 2010...

First news report 2010 is Canadien news;
"New Canadian Champion "Alex´ Maple Moon"  February 5, 2010" ...
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Alex´Kennel - News - 2010

2010-03-24 - Dog Show in Malmö 20/3, (Sweden)
Judge; Annuka Paloheimo, Finland, 71

"Alex´On The Rocks",  First in Juniorclass with  Exellent

"Alex´Masterpiece"  Third Best Male with  Exellent

"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down", Third in Youth class
2010-04-08 - Unofficial Show in Bollerup, (Sweden). Judge; Lena Andersson

"Alex´Quatermain goes wild", BOS Puppy
"Alex´Masterpiece", BOB BIG-2
"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down", BOS
     - All with exellent critic.
2010-05-14 - May 11th,  International Show in Hilleröd, Denmark
Judge; Annamaria Tarjan, Hungry
"Alex´Masterpiece"  Openclass 2nd with exellent 3rd  Best Male
2010-05-17 - We will get puppies the end of May, and a new litter in June...
- One fullgrown Male and Two Bitches are for sale...
   Call me...
Phone: +46 41726261 / +46 704717874
2010-05-25 - International  Show, in Hässleholm, (Sweden)  Judge: Åke Cronander (Sweden)
Terry ("Alex´Masterpiece")  2:nd best Male with Cacib and res Cacib.

- New from the Netherlands.
"Alex´He´s Jack Sparrow"  CAC and Champion!
2010-05-24 - "Glittras Golden Sunset" ( Glimma), gave birth to two puppies. One Male and one Bitch.
2010-06-09 - National Show in Vänersborg, Sweden
Judge; Maureen Hanley from Australia
"Alex´Masterpiece"  Best Male 2, with CAC
"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down", Openclass 3
2010-09-07 - "Alex´He´s Jack Sparrow" ( Jack ), Luxembourg Champion
2010-09-06 - "Alex´Midnight Bossa Nova" (Bella),  gave birth to four puppies, all Bitches.
Sire: Dolce Vita JP Major Leauge.
2010-09-14 Sire: "Dolce Vita JP Major Leauge" - Dame: "Alex´Midnight Bossa Nova" (Bella)
- Pictures of the four Bitch puppies...
2010-09-21 - New pictures of the Bitch puppies...
2010-09-27 - Unoffical show, Veberöd  (Sweden), Judge: Nina Jonzon
"Alex´Masterpiece",  BOB and BIG3,
"Alex´Quatermaine Goes Wild",  1HP,  Bhkl2
"Alex´Quick Step To Heaven",  1Hp, Bhkl4
"Roxinas Marie Antoinette",  1Hp BOS
2010-10-15 - "Alex´Royal Razer Robot Killer"  (Rolf) has moved to Alexandra Björk
2010-11-17 Results from Polen...

- 6/11 International show in Poznan Polen.   Judge; Janusz Opara, Polen.
"Alex´Masterpiece" CAC CACIB BOS
"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down" CAC RES CACIB Best bitch 2
2010-11-17 - 14 th of November
PPVN ChampionclubShow, Judge; Josje Dekker
"Alex´Icaros" BOB Phalene,  BIS
- 7/11 International show Polish Winner Show .
Judge; Elzbieta Junikiewicz, Polen
"Alex´Masterpiece" CAC CACIB BOB Polish Winner
"Alex´Keep On Dancing Up And Down" CAC CACIB BOS Polish Winner

             - It was a great show for Alex´Kennel
  owner: Lorraine Nelligan,Canada 
2010-12-21 - We want to wish all our visitors, old as new, a really great Holidays to come...
Merry X-mas & Happy New Year...