2009-03-21 - "Mani", (Alex´Maple Moon), is exported to Canada. Buyer; Lorraine Nelligan...
- Glimma´s Bitch puppy is sold...
   Alex´Maple Moon  
2009-10-06 - New pictures of "Scorpans" puppies...
2009-01-25 - The promissed pictures of "Glittra´s Golden Sunset" and "Alex´Flashlight´s" puppies...
All 3 are for sale...
2009-05-25 - 21:st of May,  Hågelby, ( Sweden ) Judge: Hans Alhmgren
  "Roxina´s Peter Pan"  1HP BOB
Puppies, 6-9 month,  26 contestents,  BIG-4, Judge: Anna-Lena Munkwall


- 17:th of May, Täby, ( Sweden )  Judge: Rigmor Wahlström
  "Roxina´s Peter Pan" 1:st HP BOB


- Alex´Kennel welcomes "Peppe", Roxina´s Peter Pan. Part ownership with Roxina´s Kennel.
Alex´Kennel - News - 2009

2009-01-07 - "Glittra´s Golden Sunset" is pregnant.
- "Alex´Johnny B Good" has been sold.

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2009-01-09 - We are expecting puppies, Dame: "Glittra´s Golden Sunset" (Glimma)
and Sire: "Alex´Flashlight" (Snake), at  the end of Januari...
2009-01-09   Some late news from 2008:

- Langerwehe Germany, 14 December, Judge Mrs. P.Runderkamp
Papillon ;
"Alex´First Choice", Club CAC VDH CAC BR BOB ,
Beste Kleinhund VK, Mrs M. Walter and BIS Specialzuchtschau fur Kleinhunde, Peking/Palast Hunde, King Charles Spaniel and Japan Chin, Mrs G.Runge
"Alex He´s Jack Sparrow",  Club CAC VDH CAC

- Langerwehe Germany, 13 December, Judge Mrs.G.Runge
"Alex´He´s Jack Sparrow",  Club CAC VDH CAC
"Alex´Hooked On a Feeling",  rClub CAC rVDH CAC
2009-01-16 - Unofficial show in Norrköping, (Sweden),  Judge; Nils Molin
"Alex´Love Is Just A Game",  (Lottie) got  HP,BOB,BIG-R
Her critics:
Very promasing puppy, beatiful head and good stop.
Nice body, very good angeles and movement, nice proportions, still not in fure.
Best puppy!

2009-01-23 - "Glittra´s Golden Sunset "(Glimma) gave birth to 2 Males and 1 Bitch.
Photos, coming soon!
2009-01-24 - One of "Alex´Cornelia´s" puppies is for sale... a Male
2009-03-08 - New pictures of Glimmas´s puppies,  all three for sale...

Dog Of The Year Show 2008, Februari 22:nd  2009

The Judge for the Toy Group was breedspecialist Mrs Zwaartman Pinster.
"Alex 'First Choice" was BIG-3! What a great result!

Toy Specialty Zutphen,  breedjudge Mrs Toebak van Valkenburg


"Alex'First Choice" CAC BOS
- International Show, Leeuwarden, 13 April, Judge Mrs. Zake


"Alex'Icaros" CAC CACIB BOB and BIG-3
Qualified for the DOG OF THE YEAR SHOW!!!
- International Show Luxembourg, 29 March,


"Alex'Icaros"  Lux CAC CACIB and BOS

- Springclubmatch 2009, 22 March, Judge breedspecialist; Mrs Runderkamp


Intermediateclass Winner "Alex'He's Jack Sparrow" (Sire; "Alex First Choice")

Championclass Winner "Alex'First Choice",  BEST PAPILLON AND BIS!!!

Intermediate Class Winner "Alex'Hooked On A Feeling" (Sire; "Alex´First Choice")

Intermediate Class Winner "Alex'Icaros" (Sire; "Alex'First Choice")
BOB PHALENE and res BIS!!!!


International Show Aalst Wieze, 21March, Judge breedspecialist Mrs Silvertand


"Alex'Icaros" CAC BOS

Crufts 2009, 6 March, Judge Mrs. Jean Bansfield

"Alex First Choice"  3:rd place Open Class

1:st of  March 2009
International Show , Martini Show , Groningen, Judge Mrs. Tina Taulos,


"Alex First Choice" CAC CACIB and BOB With Supercritics!!! and later BIG-4.

2009-04-28 "Alex´Ninja Magic", puppy after Dame; "Alex Cornelia"  and Sire;  "Magic Dream" (Wispering Valley) are for sale...
>>> Alex´Ninja Magic <<<
2009-05-02 - "Rocky", after "Glittra´s Golden Sunset"(Glimma) and "Alex´Flashligt" (Snake) are for sale...  >>> See Puppies page...
  "Alex´On The Rocks" (Rocky)  
2009-05-26 - International Show, Dortmund ( Germany )  EuropaSieger Show,
Judge: Breedspecialist,  Mrs Billhardt


"Alex'First Choice" CAC CACIB Europasieger 2009
( 3:rd  year in row,  Europasieger!!!)
BOB and later BIG-3 , Judge: Mr Jeruzalemsky ( Russia )


"Alex'Icaros" Winner Intermediate Class!  CAC rCACIB
Owned by Roxina´s and Alex´ Kennel, Living at  Roxina´s kennel

- 17:th of May, Hässleholm, ( Sweden) Judge: Eva Borg
  "Alex Never Say Never", puppy 4-6 month 1 HP, BOS


- 16:th of May, Hässleholm, ( Sweden ) Judge: Fredrik Nilsson
  "Alex´Masterpice" 1st  HP, BOS
  "Roxina´s Marie Antoinette" Ökl 2, CK
2009-06-11 - 22:nd of May , Skogås,( Sweden ) Roxina's Peter Pan ( "Peppe" ):
21/5 Hp, BIR, BIS-4
17/5 Hp, BIR
2009-07-04 - Unofficial show in Tollarp, ( Sweden ) , 
Judges; Bengt-Åke Bogren and Eva Borg
"Roxina´s Marie Antoinette" (Mia), BIS 2a
News from Canada...

- 21/6 Monarch Kennel Club of Ontario - Booster Show,
Judge : Lester Mapes - USA. 
" Alex' Maple Moon " (Mani ), Winners Dog  Best Puppy in Breed
" Mani " is now half way to his Canadian CH after only two shows.
Well done Lorraine !

- 20/6 Papillon Club of Southern Ontario - Specialty Show
Judge : Paula Hartinger - USA,  " Alex' Maple Moon " ( Mani )  Winners Dog
Best of Winners,  Best Puppy in Breed
2009-07-27 - "Alex´Ninja Magic" (Ninja),  is sold to Susanne Ohlsson, in Lindome, Sweden
    Good Luck!

2009-08-02 "Alex´ Listen To Your Heart", Patella - Free...
Owner: Lena Ravn

2009-08-03 2009-08-01 - Showresults of  "Roxina's Peter Pan" ( Peppe ):

- 25/7  Papillon-Ringens inoff.show in Tyresö, Sweden,   Judge: Ann Gistedt.
     BIR , BIS-Puppy

- 17/7   Köping, Sweden,  Judge: Arna Foss. ( Norway )

2009-08-03 - 2/8 - Inofficial show in Södertälje, Sweden.  Judge: Ann Christine Sultan

"Alex´Listen To Your Heart " (Lise-Lott),  HP, BOS
Her critic;
"Very promessing junior bitch, typical head and expression.
A bit short neck, A bit straight shoulder.
For her age normal body and bones, normal angles,
Moves well all around"
       Good luck Lena!

2009-08-04 - South Of England Papillon Club

1st Championship Show 2nd August 2009

MultiCH  "Alex´First Choice",  Best In Show

Yet another Swedish dog,  to win BIS in England at a Championship show
Judge: Dogclass -  Mrs.Shirley Colyer
BIS Judge:  Mrs Shirley Colyer and Mr.Terry Nethercoth

Again a great performance of Morris and Carine Rutten ,
  Up And Downs Kennel,  The Netherlands

2009-08-18 --- 16 Augusti 2009 ---
- International Show in Hillerod , ( Denmark )
"Alex´Cornelia" , 1 open class, Bitch CC  Best Bitch 2 and Danish Champion
2009-08-09 ---  9th August 2009 ---
- Bournemouth Championship Show, Judge; Mrs. AC Borg
"Alex´First Choice" ,  Best Of Breed &Toy Group 2
2009-08-25 --- 23/8 --- National show in Vallentuna, Sweden
Peppe 1 juniorclass with exellent. Bestmale -reserv
2009-08-26 - We are expecting puppies, the end of August,
Sire: "Alex´Flashlight"  (Snake) and
Dame; "Miss Butterfly´s Elizabeth Arden"(Scorpan)
"Alex´ Never Say Never"
Photo: Lala
Owner: Vittorias Kennel
2009-09-05 - International Show in Luxembourg. Judge; Mr. Hans Muller(CH)
It was a very succesfull day for "Alex´ Kennel"...
- Phalenes
"Alex Icaros" ,  won Intermediate Class and got his last point to become Luxembourg Champion, and BOB!
- Papillons
"Alex'First Choice"  became " Luxembourg Champion", and his son,
"Alex'He's Jack Sparrow" got his first Luxembourg CAC and was BOB.
In the end " Alex'He's Jack Sparrow"  was shortlisted(only 3 Placements!) by Mr Hans van den Berg.
All dogs was proffesionally showed by their owner Carine Rutten,with help from her friend Fransine, from Kennel "Gemini´s home"
  "Alex He´s Jack Sparrow" 
  "Alex Icaros" 
2009-09-17 - "Miss Butterfly´s Elizabeth Arden" ( Scorpan ), has 3  puppies.
Born September the 4th, 1 male (for Sale), 2 bitches... ( for Sale).
See more at For Sale page, pictures...
2009-009-16 - 13th September - National Show, Eket, (Sweden), 
Judge; Lene Kildeb Jakobsen (Dk)
  "Alex´Never Say Never" ( Mini ),  2nd junior class With Exellent...
  "Alex´ Keep On Dancing Up And Down" ( Backy ), 
   2nd youth class With Exellent, Bbcl - Reserv
  " Alex´ Ivanhoe", 4th open class With Exellent...

2009-09-30 OD -  Rutten's Dutch Ch. "Alex'first Choice", tricolour, glorious dog who took my eye at the first circuit of the ring! He carries himself very proudly - the trick being the good length of neck which sets the head so well into the body, continuing into an excellent level topline. Having been impressed with his appearance on the one other occasion that I saw him, closer inspection only confirmed what I consider an outstanding dog - well made, well-muscled, abundantly coated and furnished, beautifully presented. In addition to all the standard physical attributes, it is the well-marked head, bright expressive dark eyes, mobile rounded ears with their long fringes, and correct silky coat, that really set this dog apart. Like others on the day, he flagged a bit in the extreme heat, but in the cooler Group Ring performed impeccably, powered round the ring with fringes and coat flowing, drawing all eyes, and I was thrilled to see,
Mrs Sadler award him Group 2 (DCC & BOB).   more >>>
Alex´ Plaiyng With Passion
Alex´ Passion For Pearls
Alex´ Pearl Of Passion
2009-11-10 - 8th of  November,  Malmö, Sweden, Puppyshow
  "Alex´Masterpiece"  1a 9-12 months with exellent, BOB,
Shortlisted in the group but not placed

"Alex´On The Rocks"  2a  9-12 month

"Alex´ Midnigh Bossa Nova"  3a  9-12 month with exellent

Photos coming soon !
- 2009-11-08
New from Up and Down´s Kennel in Netherlands...
"Alex´He´s Jack Sparrow" (Jack)
   Show in  Bleijswijk, CAC CACIB , BOB and BIG - 9.
Breedjudge; Mr G.Nymann, and Groupjudge; Mr Boelaars
2009-11-25 - The 1:st pictures of the 3 puppies, after "Alex´First Choice ( Morris ) and
"Roxina´s Marie Antoinette" (Mia), her first litter... All male...
2009-11-29 - 28 /11  Amsterdam Winner Show, Judge; Mrs Jenny Bijlsma and Groupjudge; Hans van den Berg...
  "Alex´First Choice", Amsterdam Winner,  BOB, Shortlisted in group.
2009-11-30 - Brand new pictures of Morris and Mia´s puppies...
  "Alex´ Quite Easy Loving Me"  
  "Alex´ Quater Maine Goes Wild"  
  "Alex´ Quick Step To Heaven"