Welcome to Alex´Kennel, that is owned by me, Lotta Alexanderson and my husband Björn Alexanderson.
Our yard lies in verge of Österlen, in Skåne. 15 kilometers from
Brösarp, in the southern part of Sweden. Here we are breeding up Papillons, in small scale since 2004.
Here is lot´s of space for the dogs that reside out, and it´s close to the forrest.

Alex´Kennel was started up in 1947, by Björns father, Rune
Alexanderson. At that time it was Alsatians.
The name "Alex`Kennel" was registered -49. In 1953 Rune worked as a
' bruksprovningsdomare '. 1957 he became a authorized "show judge".He
owned a Beagle, that at the same year became 'Golden dog of the year'.

My husband and I took over the business 2001, with Rune as co-owner.
Björn has had his own breeding of Beagles, and during his military
services he trained mine-dogs. He also won a "Best in show" (BIS) with a Greyhound!
My own carrer with dogs began in 1973, when I got an employment at the "Rödde Farm" as a dog and horse keeper for Marianne Furst Danielsson´s Kennel in Blentarp.
1974 Björn and I moved in to the "Alexander yard", along with Rune.

Rune and Marianne was most of the time away on shows, as judges. So I quickly learned how to take care of the dogs and horses at the kennel.

But in 1976 I got tiered working at the kennel. So Marianne sent me of to Amerika, to work for Sylvia Hammarström, at "Skansens kennel", who is one of Americas biggest breeder of ' vilken hundras?'. At daytime I took care of 35 dogs, as in feeding, bathing etc. I also held 3 week courses for dog owners in the field of obedience. At weekends we went to 'lydnads' shows, or just regularly dog shows.
I became a "Member of Honour" at the "Sonomo Counties Schytts
dog-club", with which I trained two times each week. It was wonderful
and instructive time, but after 6 month I went back to Sweden. Soon
after my homecoming, Marianne phoned me up and offered me a job.

1977 Björn and I moved in together and -79 we started up our own
agriculture, with milk cows and sheep. At this time we were in need of a "sheepdog", so we got ourselves a Border collie. And so we started up a small scaled breeding. 2000 we bought our first Papillon, called "La Rocca´s Last Rose Of Summer" ak 'Rosie'. She is a small brown and white bitch, after Sire: "Nouveau Chevrolet" and Dame: " La Rocca´s Aniara Of Sweden". Rosie has given birth to 9 puppies, and 4 of these are Champions!!! Two are still at Alex´Kennel, "Alex´First Choice" and "Alex´Cornelia". One is owned by "Kennel Forussi", in Polen.

We dissuaded to wind up our agriculture 2004, and now I´m spending, almost, all my hours taking care of the dogs, while my husband is away working. The dog population has increased through the years, and most of them are living with us as family members.

We which that our buyers really take time thinking it through, before
getting their own dog. It´s a full time job. Lots of fun, but also hard work. And then, offcurse, we hope our new, and old, buyers to keep in touch! In this new age of time it´s fast and easy, but it´s only a which.
It´s nice being able to follow up "our" puppies way in life.

This summons up our story behind "Alex´Kennel".


            Lotta and Björn Alexanderson